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Transfer/Posting Orders

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Relieving Order of Smt. Sonia Singhal,RRDSRelieving Order No.2419 dated 17/10/2017 of Smt. Sonia Singhal, RRDS for Rajasthan Commercial Tax Service20171017Download
BDO's Transfer/Posting OrderBDO's Transfer/ Posting Order No.2382 dated 12-10-201720171012Download
RRDS,Transfer/ Posting Order RRDS,Transfer/ Posting Order No.2372 dated 10-10-201720171010Download
AEN, APO Order Sh. Jitendra Kothari, AEN Awaiting Posting Order No.3869 dated 10-10-201720171010Download
AEN, APO/ Posting Order AEN APO/ Posting Order No.3883 dated 10-10-201720171010Download
RRDS Awaiting Posting OrderRRDS Awaiting Posting Order No.2356 dated 09-10-201720171009Download
RRDS,Transfer/ Posting OrderShri Bhanwarlal Swami, RRDS,Transfer/ Posting Order No.2364 dated 09-10-201720171009Download
RRDS Awaiting Posting Order Shri Suresh Chand Bagauriya , RRDS Awaiting Posting Order No.2351 dated 05-10-201720171005Download
PEO APO OrderSh. Ratan Singh, PEO APO, Order No.3798 dated 05.10.201720171005Download
RRDS Awaiting Posting OrderSmt. Neeta Pareek, RRDS Awaiting Posting Order No.2321 dated 29-09-201720170929Download
RRDS,Transfer/ Posting OrderShri Mukesh Jaiman, RRDS,Transfer/ Posting Order No.2313 dated 27-09-201720170927Download
AEN, APO OrderSh.Ajay Bhargava, AEN Awaiting Posting Order No.3660 dated 26-09-201720170926Download
Relieving Order of Sh. Ramkumar VarmaRelieving Order No.2198 dated 11/09/2017 of Sh. Ramkumar Varma, RRDS 20170911Download
BDO's Transfer/Posting Order BDO's Transfer/ Posting Order No.2178 dated 08-09-201720170908Download
Appointment Order of 14 RRDS OfficersAppointment Order of 14 RRDS Officers Order Dated 08-09-201720170908Download
Training Order Of Smt. Deepali SharmaTraining Order Of Smt. Deepali Sharma20170908Download
JEN Transfer/Posting Cancellation Order Sh. Kamlesh Meena, JEN Transfer/Posting Cancellation Order No.3375 dated 05-09-201720170905Download
BDO's, service is returned back to parent departmentSh. Mohan Singh Godara, BDO, service is returned back to parent department order No. 2111 dated 04-09-201720170904Download
BDO, APO OrderSh. Ranjeet, BDO's Awaiting Posting Order No.2110 dated 04-09-201720170904Download
BDO, APO OrderSh. Chhoturam Meena, BDO's Awaiting Posting Order No.2104 dated 04-09-201720170904Download
JEN APO OrderJEN Awaiting Posting Order No.3334 dated 01-09-201720170901Download
AEN Transfer/Posting OrderAEN Transfer/ Posting Order No.3320 dated 30-08-201720170830Download
PEO APO Order No.3299 dated 29.08.2017 Sh. Ratan Singh, PEO APO, Order No.3299 dated 29.08.2017 20170829Download
BDO, APO OrderSh. Gopal Lal Meena, BDO's Awaiting Posting Order No.2051 dated 22-08-201720170822Download
AEN, APO OrderSh.Shailendra Kumar Meena, AEN Awaiting Posting Order No.3275 dated 22-08-201720170822Download
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