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Administrative Circulars II

TitleDescriptionDocument Issue Date 
Order No. 2655 Dated 17.07.2019Shri Vimal Kumar Sharma, PEO, ACP Approval Order 2655 Dated 17.07.201920190717Download
Order No. 2599 Dated 12-07-2019Shri Mahesh Singh Rathore, PEO Salary Drawing Order No. 2599 Dated 12-07-201920190712Download
Order No. 2560 Dated 10-07-2019Shri Atul Kumar Jain, PEO Salary Drawing Order No. 2560 Dated 10-07-201920190710Download
Order No. 2558 Dated 09.07.2019Shri Bhanwar lal Sharma, ret. PEO, ACP Approval Order 2558 Dated 09.07.201920190709Download
Order No. 2196, 2197 Dated 27.06.2019PEO's, ACP Approval Order 2196,2197 Dated 27.06.201920190627Download
Order No. 2199 Dated 27-06-2019Shri Harful Kantwa, PEO Salary Drawing Order20190627Download
Letter No. 2194 Dt. 26.06.2019Regarding certificates for their excellent services on the occasion of Independence Day Celebration, 2019 (15 August 2019)20190626Download
Letter No. 2088 Dt. 13.06.2019Letter regarding Gram Vikas Adhikari Charge20190613Download
Order No. 1999 Dated 03.06.2019PEO's, ACP Approval Order 1999 Dated 03.06.201920190603Download
Order No. 1934,1936,1937,1939,1940 Dated 27-05-2019PEO's, ACP Approval Order Dated 27-05-201920190527Download
Order No. 1818 Dated 16-05-2019PEO's, ACP Approval Order Dated 16-05-201920190516Download
Letter No. 1821 Dt. 16.05.2019Letter regarding Gram Vikas Adhikari Charge Dated 16-05-201920190516Download
Order No. 1783 Dated 13-05-2019PEOs NOC for appearing in competitive exams/Study order no. 1783 dated 13-05-201920190513Download
Order No. 1763,1765,1768,1769 Dated 10-05-2019PEO's, ACP Approval Order Dated 10-05-201920190510Download
Income & Assest Certificate Approved format for issuing Income & Assest Certificate to persons of economically weaker sections20190509Download
Order No. 1660, 1656 Dated 25-04-2019PEO, ACP Approval Order Dated 25-04-201920190425Download
Letter No. 1201 Dated 18-04-2019Shri Arjun Ram Sonal,PEO, Third ACP Approval Order Dated 18-04-201920190422Download
Circular No. 2007 Dated 11-04-2019Regarding the compassionate appointment Circular Dated 11-04-2019 20190411Download
Letter No. 1026 Dt. 02.04.2019Letter regarding Gram Vikas Adhikari Charge20190402Download
Letter No. 41 Dated 27.03.2019List of Pending ACR report of peo20190327Download
Letter No. 936 Dated 26-03-2019Regarding sending the information of the cases referred to in the SB Civil Appeal No. 5400/201520190326Download
Order No. 909 Dated 19-03-2019NOC for appearing in competitive exams/Study order no. 909 dated 19-03-201920190319Download
Order No. 769 Dated 11-03-2019Shri Mahendra Kumar, PEO Salary Drawing Order No. 769 Dated 11-03-201920190311Download
Letter No. 675 Dt. 01.03.2019Letter regarding Gram Vikas Adhikari Charge20190301Download
Order No 655 Dated 28-02-2019PEO's not promoted to Assistant Secretary due to various matters.20190228Download
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